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LOCOMOTIVES - components

We supply parts and components used in various types of locomotives: EU07, (4E, 303E, 303Eb i 303Ec) , SM42 (Ls800/6D, 6Dc, 6De, 6Df,6Dg i 6Dk), TEM2 (TЭM2, SM48), Class66 (JT42CWRM), ST43 (060DA, ND2), ST44 (M62, BR 120, V200, ČD 781, T679.1), SM03 (Ls150, 2Ls150, 706.4), SM30 (Ls300, 1D), SM31, (401D/10D i Ls1200/411D i 411Da), SP32, ST40 (311D, 311Da), SM32 (401Da), SU45 (SP45; 301Db, 301Da, 301Dc), ST45 (301Dd), SU46 (303D), ST46 (302Da), Voith Maxima 40 CC/30 CC, TRAXX, ET07 (E 469.1, 44E, 121CD), EP07 (4E, 303E i 303E-FPS), EP08 (typ 4Ea i 102E), EP09 (typ 104E, 104Ea, 104Eb i 104Ec, EM10 (typ 405E i 405Ea, obecnie 405Em), ET11 (Seria 130, E479.0; 79E1), EU11 (E405, 113E), ET13 (Series 140, E499.0), ET21, ET21M (E06, 3E, 3E/1, 3E/1M), ET22 (201E, E1000; E, 201E, 201Ec, 201Ee, 201Ef, 201Eg, 201Eh,201El, 201Em, 201Ek i 202E), ET23, ET40 (77E1), ET41 (203E, 203Ea i 203Em), ET42, EU43, EU44, EU45, EU47, E483, 1822 (ÖBB 1822 (Baureihe 1822, BR 1822) and others.

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