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DARPOL is a family company, so we have the idea of socially responsible business in our DNA. Find the examples of actions we take:




nowoczesny transport




With our everyday work we make modern rail transport better, safer and more and more comfortable for our society. Thanks to that they can get to work, school, vacation, etc. in a fast, efficient and safe way. There are plenty of reasons to travel by rail. In addition, it is the most ecological transport, so we are glad that we have the opportunity to contribute to the “health” of our planet!

Curiosity! Do you know that there is a new strong trend in Scandinavia “flygskam”? This is a common pro-ecological movement based on shame due to flying planes, which are the most environmentally-damaging means of transport. As a result, Scandinavian society is massively switching (even on longer routes) from “poisonous” planes to “green” trains.



We cooperate with our business partners responsibly – both with customers, suppliers, employees and institutions. We look at our activities in the long term – we are a reliable family company, we pay taxes and all our liabilities responsibly. Timely salary payments for our employees are our priority. After all, if we didn’t have a fair approach to our partners, if we didn’t follow the principles of Fair Play, we would not have been on the market for over 30 years!


Formy rodzinne


We work to improve the economic environment for family businesses in Poland. We are actively involved in initiatives taken by the family business community, we integrate and educate them, we work to create a better law and environment conducive to succession, to create successes for native companies, and as a result to build a strong Polish economy based on sustainable domestic capital and stable jobs.

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siatkówka niepełnosprawnych


For many years we have been supporting the sitting volleyball club START Wrocław – a multiple Polish volleyball champion for disabled players. They are fantastic people who, despite unfortunate accidents, do not give up and continue to enjoy life, fighting for big goals! In addition, through our President Mr. Dariusz Jasiński, we actively operate on an international forum within the European and international sitting volleyball federations.





Volleyball takes a lot of space in our company’s heart. This is the discipline which is our President’s second passion (right after the company). Dariusz Jasiński is a long-time international referee in volleyball and an activist. Not only is he known for conducting matches at the highest level, but also for his extensive educational activity, in which he introduced young and older students to the secrets of refereeing. He published the “Casebook” publication for other referees with unusual situations on the court, took numerous actions promoting volleyball in Poland and in the world, and introduced beach volleyball to our country. Currently, after retiring, he supports active arbitrators as a qualifier during volleyball competitions both in Poland and worldwide.

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We do not forget about the local community. Do you know that our Bydgoszcz Myślęcinek is the largest park in the country located in the city? This is a favorite place of Bydgoszcz residents for walks, visits to the ZOO, bicycle rides, roller skates and other forms of active leisure. Unfortunately, it turned out that one of the biggest problems of the park was too small number of places to sit and rest, and there were no funds to organize them. That is why we joined the “Bench” project, under which we financed the foundation of benches with other local companies.

As a confirmation of joining this action, you will find a bench with our logo  on the path next to the beach and wake park.




We spend a huge part of our lives at work. Therefore, we try to create a friendly workplace for our team, in which everyone will feels good working in an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, cooperation, knowledge sharing and mutual support as a well-coordinated team.




We support diversity and tolerance. We are proud that our team consists of people from different generations, sexes, nationalities, religions, as well as people with disabilities. Diversity enriches!

Eko Darpol We try hard to use ecology-friendly solutions in our daily operations:

– In our company, we segregate utility and production waste

– In the company garden, we maintain greenery in almost half of the area

– In our facility we replace standard lighting  with energy-saving LED technology

– We use part of the heat generated by the laser cutting machine to heat the rooms in our building

– Did you know that every year a huge amount of waste is produced all over the world, and the most of it come from packagings? Protecting the environment, we give them a second life (especially cardboard packaging), which we use to pack and ship our products

– We use special water filters to avoid the need to generate waste from plastic bottles with drinking water

We are driven to minimize the amount of paper used, e.g. by minimizing the need to print documents, 2-sided printing, implementing electronic solutions instead of paper, using recycled paper, etc.

We manage electronic equipment waste  wisely – oweing to that we were awarded a title of Responsible Entrepreneur




Our services and products:

– In our lighting products used in rail vehicles we use energy-saving LED technology.

– Designing other products we also take under consideration  environmental factors, e.g. the weight of manufactured elements affecting the energy consumption of rail vehicles

– Most of our products are made of metals which are very ecological materials. Did you know that steel waste retains all its natural properties in the re-use process? Steel recycling is a way to save large amounts of energy and materials, and to protect the surrounding ecosystem. By using metals as the basic raw material of our products, we support the circular economy.

– Many of our non-metal products are made from biodegradable or recyclable materials (e.g. our universal, fire retardant and biodegradable toilet seats)


Współpraza ze szkołami



We know that everybody at the beginning of their professional career lacks knowledge, competence and experience. That is why we cooperate with local schools and universities, sharing our skills with younger colleagues. We organize apprenticeships for students, so they can gain the experience needen  in the demanding labor market.
In addition, our President for many years served as a member of the convention (advisory group) by the rector of the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, which also helped to improve the level of education the university.

Apart from that our employees have the opportunity to take part in many workshops and courses organized by DARPOL.



Railway community

We operate in the railway industry, so we support the activities of railway enthusiasts very much. That is why we donated a set of parts and elements for rail vehicles that enrich the local interesting collection of railway exhibits placed in the Chamber of Railway Tradition in Bydgoszcz. We are very happy that we could support their work with our gifts.




As a part of Darpol❤️ve action we help to fight COVID-19.

It’s been very difficult weeks for us and other companies. Nevertheless, we tried to help those whose situation was even harder today.
That is why we delivered to the ER at the MSWiA hospital in Bydgoszcz a necessary and highly needed medical equipment: certified masks, protective helmets, disinfectant and antibacterial liquids, hand creams, a special medical device supporting the treatment of lung diseases.
Let our little brick contribute to fight the epidemic!




Whan comes to building the company’s “system”, its durability and resistance, it is very important for us to professionalize and develop a flexible, quickly adapting to the constantly changing reality (VUCA) organizational order. An important element of this order is the succession process led in the company, which secures the future long-term functioning of the company, giving our clients and other partners the confidence that they will be able to count on us not only today, but also in the future.