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Entrance lock lamp (lighting) DL-03-027-00

Entrance lock lamp (lighting) DL-03-027-00. Driver’s safety, comfort and practicality.


Entrance lock lamp (lighting) DL-03-027-00 is intended to improve the visibility of vehicle entrance.



+ Significantly improves drivers’ safety when entering and exiting the locomotive, which can be particularly dangerous in dark and unlit places.

+ Our lamp designed by Darpol engineers is small, waterproof and energy-saving.

+ Due to its directional construction, the lighting can remain switched on even when the vehicle is running (as it is invisible to distant external observers).

+ The configuration of how to turn on the lighting is practically unlimited. Therefore, it can be adapted to any type of vehicle.

+ The DL-03-027-01 steps lighting  used together with the entrance lock lamp,  improves the safety and ease of use of the vehicle by the driver even more.



Additional possibilities –  exceptional practicality:

Our lighting solution developed  by Darpol together with PKP CARGO S.A. engineers (used e.g. on ET22 series locomotives, type 201Ek) allows for:

+ Controlling lighting by a system of programmable time relays. Switching on and off is possible both via buttons outside the locomotive (just near the locomotive’s entrance door) and via a switch in the driver’s cabin.

coupling the lock lamp with the compartment lighting makes entering the vehicle very even easier  because when the lock lighting is turned on from the outside, the driver’s compartment and the driver’s cabin are automatically illuminated in the area enabling trouble-free switching on/off the batteries.

+ When leaving the vehicle, after turning on the compartment lighting, the slock lighting is automatically activated, which allows driver to leave it safely, especially in poor lighting conditions.

+ It can be turned off easily using also an external button.

+ The lighting power supply is configured to work after the battery is turned off via a two-threshold undervoltage disconnector.

+ If the lock lamp is not manually turned off after leaving the locomotive, to protect the batteries from discharging, the time relay automatically turns off the lighting after the set time.




Technical data:

– Material: stainless steel
– Finish: powder paint (color may be chosen by the clinet)
– Power: 24VDC -30%+25%
– Work temeperature: -20/+45℃
– Light temeprature: 4000K
Type and length of power cables: 2×0,75mm^2 l=3000mm



locomotives, DMU, EMU



LED lighting in rail vehicles is the future of public transport. Its advantages, such as energy savings, durability and high quality of light, brings benefits to operators, maintenance services, vehicle staff and passengers. Innovative LED applications developed and produced by Darpol make railway transport safer, more comfortable and ecological.


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