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Auxiliary hook lighting lamp DL-03-026-01

Auxiliary hook lighting lamp DL-03-026-01 for external use in locomotives increases the safety and ease of work of vehicle maintenance services.


Auxiliary hook lighting lamp DL-03-026-01 for external use in locomotives.



+ It increases the safety and ease of work of vehicle maintenance services by providing very good lighting contitions in place where repairs are running (replaces the need to use bulky flashlights).

+ Made of durable materials, it is resistant to shocks, vibrations and weather conditions on railway tracks.

+ The lamp uses an economical and ecological LED light source, which provides bright and uniform lighting of the work area.

+ The configuration of the hook lamp control system is practically unlimited, which allows it to be adapted to any type of vehicle and the customer’s expectations.

+ Optionally, we can equip the lamps with ultrasonic proximity sensors to automatically turn them on when the locomotive approaches another vehicle (as part of additional construction and design work).



Additional possibilities:

Our hook lighting can be configured according to the customer’s requirements (e.g. as in the project for PKP CARGO on ET22 series locomotives, type 201Ek) in an example way:

+  switching on and off via a relay interconnected by the locomotive controller.

+ The driver selects the lighting by pressing the appropriate icon on the lighting control panel in the cabin monitor in the configuration – turning on the hook lamp under the active cabin from the active cabin, and turning off all hook lamps from the active cabin. This solution allows  to turn off the lamps even if the active cabin is changed.

+ It is also possible to turn the lighting off and on using a regular rocker switch from the driver’s panel.



Technical data:

– Material: stainless steel / aluminum / polycarbonate

– Finish: powder coating (can be adapted to customer requirements)

– Power supply: 24VDC

– Operating temperature: -20/+45°C

– Light color temperature: 4000K

– Type and length of power cables: 2×2.5mm^2 l=3000mm






LED lighting in rail vehicles is the future of public transport. Its advantages, such as energy savings, durability and high quality of light, brings benefits to operators, maintenance services, vehicle staff and passengers. Innovative LED applications developed and produced by Darpol make railway transport safer, more comfortable and ecological.


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