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Lighting controller 110V DL-03-999-11


This intelligent 110V light controller with buttons DL-03-999-11 is used to adjust the lighting intensity wherever it is needed, e.g. to illuminate the driver’s desktop. It can be integrated with many types of lighting that do not have their own regulation.


Main benefits:

+ allows to adjust the intensity of lighting to the user’s current needs and preferences, which increases overall comfort in rail vehicle;

+ by reducing the light intensity, the regulator can contribute to saving electricity;

+ when full light intensity is not required, brightness adjustment allows you to reduce electricity consumption;

+ universality thanks to the possibility of integration with existing lighting;

+ intelligent solution – our controllers are available in a version with memory of the last setting (we offer a version with and without memory). Memory of the last setting means that after turning off the light and turning it on again, the light will turn on with the same light intensity as when it was previously turned off.

+ meeting railway standards.



Technical data:

  •  Material: aluminum
    – Power supply: 110VDC -30%/+25%
    – The product complies with the PN-EN 22768-2 1999 standard.



locomotives, passenger cars, EMUs, DMUs.


Service and repairs of this product also available.


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