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We keep trains rolling!


Darpol’s mission is to become the preferred supplier and to provide high quality products supported by a team of competent staff – genuinely interested in helping clients to achieve maximum added value from their purchase.

Darpol has been in business since 1988 but its history goes further back. Our beginnings go to the biggest rolling stock factory in Poland – Lilpop, Rau and Loewenstein in Warsaw, and continue with ZNTK Bydgoszcz (now PESA). Darpol has come to be from these companies experience, in the era of big political changes in Poland. Since then Darpol  keeps trains rolling both in Poland and abroad.

We develop, manufacture and supply high quality spare parts and components for locomotives, passenger cars, EMU, DMU and trams. Our experience going back three generations made us a leader  in the field of rolling stock subassemblies and replacement parts in the country. We supply a wide range of standard spare parts and specialty components custom made to our clients’ specification.

Additional branch of our work is production of Portable light towers having wide range of mobile applications where good lighting of the area is necessary – such as work at night or at dusk.

Sport equipment is a unique field of our activity especially in volleyball. Our buzzers and other equipment are used at the world greatest volleyball games in the country and abroad.

Laser metal cutting division offers advanced metal works using aluminum or stainless and carbon steel.

We design and develop majority of our inventory, so we are flexible and we can fine tune the final product to our clients’ needs. For more than 20 years of activity we have gained an experience that helps us to understand the problems of our clients and to enlarge our offer by the products that make their work easier. That is why they find us a trustworthy partner in business.

We are ISO certified company – high quality guarantee!

Darpol - Family Company