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Railway headlight system


Modern lighting made in LED technology is a unique solution that responds to the constantly increasing requirements and standards of the railway market.


The headlight system consists of two basic elements:


a) Multiprojector:
Equipped with 6 white power diodes and 6 multi-colored diodes (red and white), selected in terms of color and power.
It is able to perform the following functions, depending on the direction of travel:
– white light at the front of the train,
– white upper signal light,
– white lower signal light,
– red end-of-the-train light.


b) Brackets (mountings):
– LED lamp reflector bracket – left
– LED lamp reflector bracket – right
– LED lamp reflector bracket – lower
– LED lamp reflector bracket – upper
The sizes and shapes of the mountings can be adapted to the customer’s needs.

Material of brackets: Steel
Finish: Powder coating (color can be adjusted to customer requirements


Main benefits:

  • + LED technology;
    + significant improvement in vehicle visibility, driver comfort, and thus increase in railway traffic safety;
    + the ability for the user to ensure compliance with lighting regulations (our solution meets TSI standards for headlamps of railway vehicles);
    + adjustment option;
    + possibility of controlling via the CAN network or digital inputs by the vehicle’s main controller and by using a dedicated DRVLED controller for locomotives without a TCMS main controller;
    + increasing the comfort of use by using a diagnostic system (information on the status and operating mode as well as possible failures of individual channels in each group of lights);
    + maintaining the parameters of the light beam at a high level throughout the entire period of operation (no aging effect of the light source);
    + lower operating costs for example thanks to a longer life cycle of our solution;
    + higher care for the environment (ecological LED sources);
    + ability to adapt to various types of vehicles;
    + proven solution (used since 2015 in newly built and modernized vehicles by manufacturers, carriers and locomotive and traction unit services);
    + gives possibilities to unify and standardize lighting across the entire vehicle fleet


Additional technical detailes:

The product complies with the following standards: PN-EN 45545-2, PN-EN ISO 9013, PN-EN 22768.



EMU, DMU, Locomotives (for example EN57-AKM, SA103, SA106, SA134, EN57AKŚ, EN57SPOT, EN71, 15D/A, 27WE, 31WE).

Examplary implementation with PKP SKM Tricity – click to read more.


A solution that ensures the satisfaction of both – users and carriers investors.



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