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Hasler speedometer and transmitter parts

All spare parts for mechnical Hasler speedometer and transmitter. DARPOL has supplied and repaired them for over 30 years!

We offer genuine parts as well as substitutes.

Hasler in Poland

Hasler speed measuring system is the most popular system in the world to indicate speed in rolling stock. Even the first speedometers, apart from registering the speed, could record the information about the whole ride. That is why even today Hasler is a locomotive’s “black box”, which helps to examine the history of its journey, which is essential in case of a railway accidents (it shows the time of the ride, number and time of stops, speed, time and braking distance etc.). In Poland Hasler became popular in the 70’s but first Hasler speedometers came here in the late 60’s, when they replaced the old devices in steam locomotives. In the following years they were installed in most electric and diesel locomotives, EMU and DMU used in Poland. Although today there are other modern speed measuring systems in the market, Hasler is still used in many locomotives and EMUs in Poland and the whole world.

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