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Electronic speedometer system



TACHOGRAPH operates as a train event recorder, and is a complex electronic device to measure and record the events and status of certain rail vehicle components, mainly the locomotive speed, travelled distance and time. It also registers other ride and safety related data in real time (like stops frequency, braking episodes, door openings and others) and generates warning signals when certain threshold limits have been exceeded.


While carrying a sophisticated technology inside, our Tachograph is user friendly with an interface designed to operate the device easy and quickly. Data input, readouts  and history retrieval are made simple and prompts clearly understood, a big advantage as compared with other similar systems.

Know-how and field training on both the installation and operating the system come with the package and are run by our experienced team of professionals.


Full warranty, certifications and a long term service of the system is provided.


Tachograph can record speeds from 0km/h to 255km/h. Measurement range can be adjusted to a maximum permissible speed of the operating vehicle, usually 130 km/h, 160 km/h or 250 km/h or as agreed.




Tachograph consists of a Central Unit, a pulse Speed Transducer (mounted to the vehicle wheel hub) and a Speedometer system (located in the driver’s cab within the locomotive driver’s view). GPS module is optional.

The data is measured and processed continuously and information is recorded onto an electronic memory card EKP. The card allows recording of train events for up to 190 days. The software to run the system is based on Windows operating system and is provided with the tachograph free of charge (it includes the utility software and the interface for data readout from the memory card).


The system is compatible with various type speedometers, both traditional and the modern. The module configurations are optional.

Tachograph modules and optional speedometer configurations

Our Tachograph comes with either speedometer configuration, as selected by the client.


OPTION  1: Classical pointer speedometer and a driver’s panel

OPTION  1 Classical pointer speedometer and a driver's panel

OPTION  2: LCD speedometer and a driver’s panel

OPTION  3: LCD speedometer with a control panel

Wskaznik predkosci LCD z panelem operatora