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Voltage converter for Hasler’s speed measuring system DL-33-012-00


Voltage converter for Hasler’s speed measuring system DL-33-012-00 is high advanced device which replaces electronic current stabilizer 5.8300.026/…


PN voltage converter combines a voltage regulator and a current regulator in one.


Principle of Operation:
Converter loaded on the input with the current lower than the nominal (rated) current Izn,
gives on the output the voltage equal to the nominal voltage Uzn. Further loading the
converter, the output voltage becomes lower and the output current will be Izn.

In general, when the product of the output current and the load resistance is higher than
Uzn, the output voltage is Uzn.

When Iout x Z ≥ Uzn, then Uout = Uzn
When Izn x Z < Uzn, then Uout = Izn x Z

Models and technica data:
We supply PN Voltage Converters with the voltage input range of 24V to 170V, output
voltage of 48V or 60V and the output current of 0,6A or 1,2A.
The converters are secured inside the protective housing, same standard size for all
the models.


Available models:


Model Input voltage Output voltage Output current
PN 24-60/0,6A 24V 60V 0,6A
PN 24-60/1,2A 24V 60V 1,2A
PN 48-48/0,6A 48V 48V 0,6A
PN 48-48/1,2A 48V 48V 1,2A
PN 48-60/0,6A 48V 60V 0,6A
PN 48-60/1,2A 48V 60V 1,2A
PN 60-60/0,6A 60V 60V 0,6A
PN 60-60/1,2A 60V 60V 1,2A
PN 75-60/0,6A 75V 60V 0,6A
PN 75-60/1,2A 75V 60V 1,2A
PN 75-75/0,6A 75V 75V 0,6A
PN 75-75/1,2A 75V 75V 1,2A
PN 110-60/0,6A 110V 60V 0,6A
PN 110-60/1,2A 110V 60V 1,2A
PN 110-110/0,6A 110V 110V 0,6A
PN 110-110/1,2A 110V 110V 1,2A
PN 170-60/0,6A 170V 60V 0,6A
PN 170-60/1,2A 170V 60V 1,2A

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