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Diagram rolls (chart strips) – registering paper for Hasler speedometers


We provide wax coated registering paper strips for Hasler speedometers.


Registering paper rolls (diagram rolls) are available for speeds of: 90, 100, 120, 150 and 180km/h.


  Reading the speedometer chart:


While feeding the tape, the roller makes the puncture marks on the upper and lower edges of the strip every 2,5mm. The distance between the puncture marks denotes 0,5km vehicle travelling distance or half an hour halt.


The numbers 1-24 shown in the upper part of the strip, mark the full hours.


Minutes are registered on a separate level below the numbers marking the hours. The minute scriber movement takes 10 minutes (full cycle).


Driving speed is registered in the middle part of the strip.


Since the chart record needs to be consistent with the speedometer dial scale, the strips are produced in various options to fit speedometers with various speed limits.


Additional data are registered below the driving speed record. The additional data include air pressure, braking time and distance, travel orientation, running when fully powered and others (maximum 5 additional records).


These data are registered using electromagnetically activated plotters.

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