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Hasler speedometers and transmitters


We supply speedometers Hasler / Secheron type (A16, RT9, RT13) and transmitters (8311 i 8312).


 Speedometers – RT series (RT-9, RT-12, RT-13)  are indicating-and-registering speedometers used in two-cab vehicles.


These are complicated devices both indicating the vehicle speed and registering other important travel data.


They consist of several mechanisms, working together and dependant on one another as follows:

– speedometer drive (in a form of a speedometer cable carrying the turning moment from the wheel set or an electric motor secured under the speedometer housing)


– strip feed mechanism (it allows to combine registered data – like speed, travel time, travel orientation and similar – in a form of al chart)


– movement mechanism 5.1554.201(it is a system with the most precise elements; it makes it possible to measure and indicate the vehicle speed and register it on the chart, to calculate and indicate the distance travelled, to indicate the change from 2-way to 1-way traffic)


– clock mechanism (makes it possible to get precise timing data both during travel and when halting. Its most important elements are: tension spring (main spring) 5.1503.238, hour spindle assembly 5.1503.140 (5.1503.224) and escapement 5.1503.242 (5.1503.154).

– air pressure measurement and control mechanism (used in selected vehicles,  it controls vehicle braking) 



Speedometers – A Series (A-16, A-29, A-28)  are indicating (only) devices and do not register speed on the chart. They look similar to  RT series speedometers, but their structure inside is rather simple. Movement mechanism (5.1519.200/01) is the main component.



Speedometer transmitters  are secured inside an aluminum housing fitted to the vehicle wheel diameter. These are attached onto the axle-box housing. Intersecting axis gear consists mainly of 2 gear wheels, each wheel with different number of teeth depending on the wheel diameter.

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