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Speedometer light bulbs and resistors 5.8300.112/04 , 5.8300113/04 , 5.1534.167



Hasler speedometer light bulbs and resistors:

– 5.8300.112/04 – resistor 0,6A (barretter*)

                           Used in single workstation vehicles with one (registering)


– 5.8300.113/04 – resistor 1,2A  (barretter*)

                          Used in two workstation vehicles with two speedometers:

  registering  and  indicating

– 5.1534.167/04 – dial light bulb 36V 3W



The light bulbs are connected in series with a controlling resistor (barretter). While the resistor is fed with the voltage higher that the nominal voltage of the bulb, it keeps the passing current down to the rated value of the resistor.

It is important that the bulb fiber does not glow (glowing speeds up burnout of the bulb).


*Barretter is an iron-hydrogen resistor to stabilize circuits against fluctuations in power supply voltages.