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TRAKO 2019, Gdansk, Poland

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TRAKO Exhibition, the biggest in Central-Eastern Europe railway exhibition, took place September 24-27, 2019 in Gdańsk, Poland. The Fair brought together railway companies from West and East, creating a fruitful ground for making new business connections and building relationships.

This year at Darpol’s  stand we presented mainly our new products, an effect of a concentrated engineering effort and deep understanding of rolling stock business; designed and developed by Darpol mostly for coach interior.


New design folded tables and specialty trash bins, integrated USB chargers and bicycle mounting brackets, brought a wide attention and were given a thumb up.

Interior LED lights and signaling lights, also portable taillights, were viewed with an utmost attention.

Vacuum toilet components and parts, provided by Glova of Denmark with Darpol being an exclusive distributor in Poland, brought the clients concerned with 2020 deadline for toilet upgrades regulations.

The workshop on complete toilet units by Glova took place parallelly with the main event with several companies arriving to participate.

Fire-retardant antibacterial universal toilet seat by Darpol, made a successful, long awaited debut.

A wide range of new lock designs, both for the locomotives and railcar interior, were presented and regarded by many clients.

Driver’s cabin accessories with the feet heater and a tablet holder, were considered for their convenience.

Coupling head protective panel made of fire retardant material and sander box close added successfully to the list of novelties.


Owing to both their reputation in the railway field and an ongoing capability to progress, Darpol has been a preferred supplier for many railway companies in Poland and abroad. A lot of clients came to see us at Trako, with our stand being continuously crowded by both our established customers and the new ones.

We appreciate all our clients and visitors. Thank you for coming and thank you for trusting us in your business. We are looking forward to continuing our relationships with you for the years to come.

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