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Vacuum toilets systems -service and components


Darpol offers spare parts for compact and central vacuum toilets of Glova Rail, Evac, Semvac, EC Engineering, Semlet, Dowaldwerke. Thanks to this, our customers are able to repair many faults on their own without having to send entire toilets to the service center.

Apart from new toilet spare parts, we also offer effective repairs of Evac and Semco toilet controllers .

The offer also includes complete Glova vacuum toilet systems.


Don’t want to repair or inspect toilets yourself? That’s even better! Send them to us!

Darpol is an authorized service center for vacuum toilets used in rail vehicles.

We repair and inspect toilets of the following brands:


* Glova Rail

* Evac

* Semvac

* EC Engineering

* Semlet

* Dowaldwerke


We perform repairs and inspections in a modern plant using high-quality spare parts and specialized tools, stations and software for servicing closed-circuit toilets. We use the only universal test stand in Poland for most types of vacuum toilets.



See our references for spare parts for different types of vacuum toilets:

references from Koleje Mazowieckie

references from  Pesa SA

referencje z Wagon Opole

qualified supplier to  PKP Intercity


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