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Light tower – type Ms3, Ms4, Ms5, Ms6

Work at night solution.

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Portable light tower – A must-have for mobile applications!

USE: Telescopic portable light tower can be used wherever good lightening of terrintory is necessary, for example during works at dark when hot day temperatures unable works during a day, accidents removals, police and fire brigade works etc.

Possibility of putting the mast on a slope – max rake 15 – 20 degrees.



Height* 4 m 5,3 m 5,9 m 6,6 m
Number of segments 3 4 5 5
Feet spacing radius 0,9 m
Dimensions (folded) est. 1200×270 mm
Weight (without lamps) 17,5 kg 19,5 kg 21 kg 22,5 kg
Light source 2 x halogen lamps 500W, 220V each
* measured from the ground surface to the floodlight mounting point


CONSTRUCTION: Unlike other portable floodlights, DARPOL’s towers are made of high quality and tough steel elements, which make them strong and robust.
Construction has been thought to make mast folding easy, so that You can quickly take it with You. Storing it will not take much space either.


LIGHTING AND ENERGY SOURCE:  There are two halogenic lamps of 500 W power and 220 V voltage each of which connected by 3-conductor wire to a socket of single-phase alternating current.



– number of floodlights (up to 4 in total)
– higher light power
– LED lamps instead of halogen
– backstays for extra balance
– movement sensors
– mounting brackets for sensors, cameras and accessories (maximum crossbar load – 8kg)
– special models for emergency vehicles and specialty applications



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